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ASDV Standing Committees

ASDV has 9 standing committees. These committees were mandated by the Executive Committee to provide guidance, counsel, and help shape current policy issues for Executive Committee endorsement in their areas of expertise. They are also required to assist the Executive Committee and Secretariat, as appropriate.

The committees consist of members with specific knowledge, experience and expertise in areas relevant to ASDV. The committees are led by a Chair and Vice-Chair who are appointed by the Executive Committee. Observers or ad-hoc committee members are permitted to attend meetings with approval by the committee Chair and Secretary.

ASDV Standing Committees Are

  • - Research and Scientific Committee
  • - Protocol Committee
  • - Advertising and Product Endorsement Committee
  • - Strategic Planning Committee
  • - Finance Committee
  • - Editorial and Academic Publications Committee
  • - Membership Committee
  • - Scholarship and Awards Committee
  • - Brand, Publicity and Communications committee


The below document contains the latest version of the ASDV guidelines for ASDV committees and other bodies. The guidelines apply to all standing committees and include everything from the creation and membership of a committee to procedures such as voting and action.