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  • • To promote the interests of the dermatology industry in Africa; acquire, assimilate and diffuse technical knowledge.
  • • Collect and distribute information on trade, commerce and industry.
  • • The Society shall advance the interests of the dermatology profession and industry and serve as its chief advocate and spokesperson before the governments and public; within Africa and globally.
  • • The Society shall undertake programs and services that support Dermatology industry’s commitment to environmental protection, sustainability, product stewardship, health and safety, corporate responsibility, and the advancement of science and technology.
  • • The Society shall support; Industry collaboration through the International Dermatology Federation other International Societies as well as through multilateral and bilateral initiatives with other related dermatology societies and associations, within Africa and internationally.
  • • The Society shall conduct the leading trade show and scientific conference in Africa
  • • The Society shall promote the Dermatology industry’s substantial contributions to society and the African economy.