Residents’ Forum Competition

Residents’ Forum Competition

There will be a selection of six (6) abstracts submitted to the residents’ forum for the award of the Best Oral presentation by a resident.
Criteria for participation include:

  1. Resident (no age restriction)
  2. Submission of abstract with confirmation of accepted oral presentation*.
  3. Proof of resident status by the head of training institution.
  4. Letter of good standing with local association of dermatology.

*Participant must be registered for the conference and physically present at the forum.

Please attach proof of 3 and 4 above to abstract submissions.

The following criteria will be used by the Residents’ Forum committee to choose the winning presentation:

  1. Clear and succinct presentation of case
  2. Strict adherence to time slot of five (5) minutes with 1 minute allowed for questions
  3. Demonstration of adequate knowledge of subject


All abstract submissions should be sent to

[email protected] with the subject clearly tagged RESIDENTS’ FORUM COMPETITION.

Any abstract submitted earlier which qualifies for this session may be re-submitted but tagged as stated above. Abstracts not selected for the competition will be seconded to the Free Communications session.

There will be 1 winner declared after the session with an award and prize money.
Closing date for applications: 31st May 2016.
The selected abstracts will be posted on the website and the presenting/corresponding author sent individual e-mails by the 10th of June, 2016.

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