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Membership Categories

National Association Membership
This shall be national associations representing a member African state within Africa

Ordinary Membership
Ordinary membership is open to medical graduates with recognized postgraduate training and in possession of qualifications or attainments in dermato-venerology, living and practicing in Sub- Sahara. Ordinary members shall have full rights and obligations of the Society. They may join the society through their mother associations or directly by applying here.

Associate Membership
This category is open to medical graduates without postgraduate training in dermatology and/or allied subjects, dermatopathologists, leprologists, allergologists, nurses, medical auxiliaries, technologists and other scientists with interest in dermatology but not covered under this is provided that the professional body, of which they are members, does not object.

Associate members shall have all rights and obligations BUT shall not hold office nor shall be entitled to vote at meetings. They may join the society through their mother associations or directly by applying here.

Non-resident Membership
Open to qualified dermatologists and other medical scientists with recognized qualifications living and practicing outside Africa. Non-resident members shall have full rights and obligations BUT shall not hold office nor shall be entitled to vote at meetings or enjoy membership of any other bodies to which the society is affiliated.

Honorary Membership
Exclusive for persons who have contributed greatly to the advancement of dermatology or whose work has been of great importance in Africa especially from a socio- dermatological standpoint. Ordinary members above the age of 65 years or members who have retired from practice because of physical disability may also be elected to honorary membership. Honorary members shall be limited in number. The executive committee may confer honorary membership of the society on any person considered worthy of this honour, be he/she medically qualified or not. They shall be entitled to full rights and obligations, BUT they shall not hold office or vote at meetings but may take part in discussion. They shall be absolved from financial obligation to the society.

Life Membership
Shall be elective for members who have reached the age of 70 years. Such members shall enjoy all the benefits of the society including voting rights but will be absolved from financial obligation of the society. Life Membership is available to any new or current member that has attained the entry age.
Have you been an active member of the ASDV for 5 years or more? Consider becoming a life member with a one-time dues fee.

Members who have held Active membership for a minimum of 5 years, have had 2 years of continuous membership immediately prior to election as Life members, and who meet one of the following requirements:
Age 70 or over.
Totally retired.

May vote and have floor at Congress of Delegates. May not hold office.

Society & Corporate Membership
This is open to other Societies, Organizations and Associations in Africa with similar aims and objects involved in advancement of Africa. They shall not hold office or have voting rights. This category is for dermatology practices (included but not limited to clinics, hospitals, and laboratories), societies, corporate companies and firms working not only in the area of dermatology, but also in other areas of the health sector. It includes health and pharmaceutical companies and relevant NGOs.
In order to be eligible to become a Corporate member, a company must be a;
• Manufacture dermatological, dermatology equipment or materials utilized in dermatology practices
• Dermatology Practice
• Must adhere to International Medical ethical practices
• Must adhere to the ASDV Code of Conduct, Code of Practice and its Constitution

Benefits of corporate membership
Corporate members have access to the association’s goods and services, including but not limited to:
• ASDV’s advocacy activities with regards to policy matters — regulatory, legislative, and judicial that may affect our industry.
• ASDV’s pool of professional experts who are resources for specific information and knowledge about current and emerging issues, with topics ranging from market information, adverse drug reactions and safety to federal and state industry regulations.
• ASDV’s Publications and Electronic Resources, including dermatology journals from other African societies or countries providing members access to relevant news and direction for day-to-day business and pharmacologic product decisions.
• Opportunity for presentation and showcasing of products during ASDV Conferences and other dermatology related seminars. These events bring together industry’s best and brightest leaders, offer the opportunity for networking, peer-to-peer interaction and professional development while giving visibility to the products